Frequently Asked Questions From Venues

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What do we do if folks don’t have a smartphone or aren’t up to speed with a QR code?

Manual checkin is your way to go. Grab an internet connected device, fetch the Manual Checkin link from your dashboard and that’s it, checkins all round.

Pro-Tip: Copy the manual checkin link and keep it handy or save it to your preferred device/browser and you won’t need to log into your dashboard to grab it again

Can we include others for access to our account, just in case?

You betcha! Hit the dashboard and click on 'Option' under ‘Access Holder’, drop in an email and ya done.

Login doesn’t want to cooperate?

We’ve all been there. Take a breath, pound the black button underneath the email field to reset access logs and give it another try. That’ll fix it!

My verification code hasn’t arrived or it’s taking forever to come in!

This one is a little trickier. It’s likely an email filter that’s slowed us up. Have your IT crew check it out and allow some freer flow, or, let’s include a backup email address as secondary access - just in case.

Saying my email isn’t allowed for signing up...?

Don’t stress. Did you get the right page? Head here to sign up as you might have ended up in the login section (it’s ok, a few other people did this as well).

What if authorities need that data?

Rest easy. We’re awaiting approval for a direct export tool to the health authorities, so for now a simple copy/paste action has you sorted.

Pro-Tip: this data can’t be utilised for marketing purposes, however, we’ve got the solution for approved flow to ask for and capture marketing data for your business. Ask us here.

The check-in time seems to be incorrect?

We’ve had this exact item pop up with a small number of other businesses and it’ll just take a little digging to find the exact cause. Immediately speaking, please don’t stress that the data being captured is incorrectly time and date stamped - it’s being captured as it should, the issue evident is just a display drama.

First thing first, head to Google in your current browser and ask, ‘What is the current time?’ the result should come back and tell you where it believes it is, thus unveiling the incorrect time displaying. Otherwise, see if you are logged in to your Google account, Chrome has this thing where they try to be 'smart' and synch your browser time with wherever the location that you set your profile to.

If that fails, jump on another computer, laptop, tablet that isn’t likely to have the same settings as your computer and view the dashboard. This should help confirm the display settings are messing with us.

Whilst are unable to assist in fixing the time setting (As it is device specific and we cant be there physically), hopefully this gives you some background of what to say to your IT support crew!

Our visitors split before checking out. Should I chase them down?

Please don’t (it’s a little full on). We provide this as a convenience and because health authorities ask for visitors to do this, but it’s not required. If it doesn’t happen, that’s cool and if it’s mandated in the future you’re all set.

How do I ensure visitors are doing what they’re meant to?

Ask to see that big tick on submission of contact tracing data. No tick, no good. You don’t have to watch over their shoulder, just flash that tick!

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